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Order No V-1019 (08 06 2011) of the Minister of Education and Science validates, that Lithuanian Social Research Centre and its partner institutions are given the doctoral right in the indicated science fields:

05 S Sociology Vytautas Magnus University with Lithuanian Social Research Centre and Kaunas University of Technology
04 S Economics Vilnius Gediminas Technical University with Lithuanian Social Research Centre and Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics

General criteria and requirements
Admission rules for doctoral studies of Sociology
Application form for doctoral studies of Sociology
List of the dissertation topics and possible supervisors
The payment for documents registration

Doctoral thesis defended by LSRC’s doctoral students

RŪTA UBAREVIČIENĖ - Sociodemographic analysis of the changing territorial organisation of the settlement systems in the Baltic countries, 2018

VLADAS BARTOCHEVIS - Immigrants’ integration challenges: the use of professional potential in Lithuania and Portugal, 2018

GIEDRĖ BLAŽYTĖ - Immigration for Family Reunification to Lithuania: the role of Gender and Ethnicity in the Process of Social Adaptation, 2017

JURGITA SUBAČIŪTĖ - The fragmented habitus in the social field of adolescents with movement disability, 2016

DAUMANTAS STUMBRYS - Socio-demographic mortality differentials among men in Lithuania, 2016

NATALIJA VALAVIČIENĖ - The international migration of Lithuanian natural sciences and technology professionals, 2015

ANNA LIPNEVIČ - Lithuanian physicians' mobility in transnational social space, 2015

VITA PETRUŠAUSKAITĖ - Early withdrawal of roma children from school in Vilnius city: analysis of an educational field, 2014

TATSIANA CHULITSKAYA - Narratives of social justice in non-democratic regime: case of Belarus, 2014

JŪRATĖ BUTVILIENĖ - Non-formal adult education in Lithuania: public and private teaching sectors, 2014

GINTARĖ POCIŪTĖ - Spatial structure of peripherality in Lithuania, 2014

ARTŪRAS GATAŪLINAS - Subjective well-being of Lithuanian society in the context of European Union countries, 2013

VIGINTA IVAŠKAITĖ-TAMOŠIŪNĖ - Income redistribution in emerging welfare capitalism in Lithuania, 2013

KAROLIS ŽIBAS - Chinese and Turkish Immigrants in Lithuania: origins, continuity of immigration and the formation of migration, 2012

JOLITA VILUCKIENĖ - Phenomenological analysis of the lifeworld of persons with motor disability, 2011

MARGARITA GEDVILAITĖ-KORDUŠIENĖ - Intergenerational relationships and their determinants, 2011

RAMINTA JANČAITYTĖ - Family policy formation in Lithuania, 2011

LIUTAURAS LABANAUSKAS - Social Cohesion in Lithuania: the Role of Intellectual Capital, 2011

ANDREI STSIAPANAU - Chernobyl policy in Belarus 1986-2008: discourse coalition formation and expression, 2010

ALEKSANDRAS ČESNAVIČIUS - Television in a changing world of media, 2010

RASA ZABARAUSKAITĖ - Poverty measurement and ways of poverty alleviation in Lithuania, 2010

LAURA VARŽINSKIENĖ - Status of Social Work Profession in Lithuania, 2009

JULIJA MOSKVINA - The influence of the measures of the active labour market policies on the social integration of the unemployed, 2009

DONATA PETRUŽYTĖ - Waste Pickers‘ Way of Life: Case Study of the Dump of Kariotiškės, 2009

MONIKA FRĖJUTĖ-RAKAUSKIENĖ - Manifestations of ethnic intolerance and xenophobia in Lithuanian press in the framework of European Union preventive policies, 2009

DARIUS LIUTIKAS – Traditional and modern pilgrimage as expression of values and identity in Lithuanian society, 2008

ELENA KOCAI – Social exclusion of homeless people and factors of its formation, 2007

VIKTORIJA ŽILINSKAITĖ – Youth value approach to visual culture, 2007

TADAS LEONČIKAS – Assimilation in contemporary Lithuanian society: choosing the language of education, 2006

VIDA BERESNEVIČIŪTĖ – Dimensions of social integration of ethnic groups in the contemporary society of Lithuanian, 2005

AIVA JASILIONIENĖ – The modernisation of family policy in Lithuania: problem of priorities, 2005

DOMANTAS JASILIONIS – Sociodemographic determinants of urban-rural differences in mortality in Lithuania, 2003

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