Congratulations on getting your diplomas!

Congratulations to Simona Ščerbinskaitė, Karolis Dambrauskas and Ingas Gaižauskaitė, researchers of the LSMC Institute of Sociology, who were awarded with PhD diplomas during the ceremonial meeting of the University Senate held at VMU in 2023 February 15

In September 2022, S. Ščerbinskaitė (supervisor – Dr. E. Kriaučiūnas) defended her doctoral thesis “Rural community organizations in Lithuania: participation, leadership and vitality of the area (the case of remote rural settlements)”, K. Dambrauskas (supervisor – Dr. Kristina Šliavaitė) – “Mapping Ethnicity -Property Nexus: Framing and negotiating Ethnicity in the Process of Land Restitution in South-Eastern Lithuania”, and Inga Gaižauskaitė (supervisor – Dr. D. Janušauskienė) – “Advancing Trust Research: Linking Conceptual Definitions, Standard Measures and the Perceptions of Social actors”

Dr. Simona Ščerbinskaitė
Dr. Karolis Dambrauskas

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