Processing and analysis services of population census data on Roma ethnic group in Lithuania

Researcher: dr. Daumantas Stumbrys
Duration: 2022 10 27 – 2022 12 31

The aim of this research is to analyse a demographic structure of the Roma group in Lithuania, based on the 2021 Lithuanian population census (momentary monitoring) data. The analysis focuses on gender, age, place of residence, municipality, place of birth, marital status, economic activity and education aspects. In addition, the research presents information about the living conditions of Roma population. The report “Social demographic portrait of Lithuanian Roma: what does the 2021 population census reveal?” was prepared. The research was ordered by the Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

Services for determining, detailing and describing balanced indicators

Researcher: dr. Julija Moskvina
Duration: 2021 11 21 – 2022 01 31


The aim is to provide services for determening, detailing and describing balanced indicators in accordance with the conditions, technical requirements, volumes and specifications specified in the conract. The research was ordered by the Lithuanian Employment Service under Ministry of Social Security and Labour.