PhD student Dmytro Mamaiev participated in symposium at the University of Gothenburg

In March 21–23 Dmytro Mamaiev, PhD student of the LCSS Institute of Sociology, participated in symposium “Heritage and Sustainability“ at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden). He has delivered presentation on the importance of researching a ways how to recover and secure Ukrainian heritage given the times of the full-scale war. Overall, topics of the symposium have been largely interdisciplinary and have concerned the points of sustainability and industrial heritage, sustainable strategies and heritage preservation, relationship between human vs non-human agents and others. Symposium was organized by the Nordic Summer University (NSU) in collaboration with the Network on Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development (CULTSUS) and the Department of Sociology and Work Science at the University of Gothenburg.

D. Mamaiev has emphasized in his presentation that Russian war against Ukraine has demolished a tremendous number of historical, cultural, architectural heritage sites of Ukraine and the damage from that is hardly measurable due to the still on-going processes of hostilities. Cultural values of Ukraine are located, in particular, in museums, galleries, nature reserves, libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions throughout the territory of Ukraine, including in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, where they are periodically damaged or destroyed, or even looted. Digital passports of cultural sites are slowly showing up on the cultural map of Ukraine while recording the exact dimensions and appearance. In this case, even if enemy fire damages the cultural structure, it will be possible to recover it. Yet, Ukraine needs a number of approaches, professionals and techniques how cultural heritage could be protected under war conditions.

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