Lietuvos socialinių mokslų centro sociologijos institutas kartu su užsienio partneriais organizuoja tarptautinę religinio turizmo ir piligrimystės konferenciją

The 13th Annual International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IRTP) Conference

The 13 Annual International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Conference (IRTP) planned for Vilnius in June 29th – 2nd July.

The International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Conference (IRTP) organized by the Institute for Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IRTP) in conjunction with the International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IJRTP), Community of Lithuanian Pilgrims (Lithuania) and the Institute of Sociology at the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences (Vilnius, Lithuania) invites abstracts for their 13th International Conference to be held from 29th June – 2nd July 2022 at the Institute of Sociology at the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The aim of the conference is to provide both empirical and personal insights into the changing nature of religion in society and to further the debate for both policy-makers and academics to consider these evolving challenges within the future development of faith tourism and pilgrimage. The main emphasis for acceptance at this event is based on participants presenting papers, which apply to the main themes of the conference.

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